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Our Eastern Kitchen - Cebularze - Polish Onion Bread - Recipe - Food Photography

Polish Onion Bread

Name and pronunciation: cebularze [tzeh-boo-lah-zhuh; “zhuh” is pronounced like French “je”]Description: onion breadType of cuisine: Polish — This onion bread is an integral part of my region’s cuisine, so I was very surprised when I learnt that only people from my area knew about it. In recent years, it got more and more popular in other parts of Poland and all my friends absolutely love it! — 8 servings • Preparation time: about 30 minutes • Resting time: 60 + 30 minutes • Baking time: 40-50 minutes — Tips: 01You can prepare the onions the night before and leave them in a fridge overnight. They get very aromatic and flavourful this way. 02Be careful not to leave them in the oven for too long. The dough needs to be soft and, since it is quite thin, it becomes crispy rather quickly. 03 Read my tip for rising perfect dough. — Ingredients: Onion topping:✽ 3 large onions✽ 3 tablespoons poppy seeds✽ 2 tablespoon olive oil✽ 1 teaspoon salt Dough:✽ 500 g all-purpose flour✽ 250 ml (approx. 1 glass) warm milk✽ 7 g dry yeast (one little packet)✽ 60 g unsalted …