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Our Eastern Kitchen Thick Caramel Sauce - Recipe - Food Photography

Luscious Thick Cacao Caramel Sauce

This sauce is more than just caramel. It is so perfectly thick, silky smooth, milky with a hint of cacao. I based it on traditional Polish chewy fudge candy called “krówki” (little cows). Perfect for any cake or pie, but apple pie especially, since apples and caramel go together so deliciously. — Tips: 01Seriously, do not stop stirring the sauce even for a second. You will be rewarded for all your hard work by the most perfect caramel sauce you have ever tasted! — Ingredients: ✽ 250 ml condensed milk ✽ 200 g honey✽ 150 unsalted butter✽ 1½ cup sugar✽ 2 tablespoon cacao — Method: 01Mix sugar with sifted cacao with a whisk. It will prevent big lumps of cacao forming in your sauce. 02Mix all ingredients in a saucepan, preferably with a solid, thick bottom. You can opt for a non-stick pot, too. 03Set high heat first and keep stirring the mix until all is combined and first bubbles appear. 04Reduce the heat slightly and keep stirring constantly until all sugar caramelises and the sauce …