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Our Eastern Kitchen - Our Favourite Falafel Recipe - Food Photography

Our Favourite Falafel

Name and pronunciation: فلافل [fah-lah-fell]Description: falafelType of cuisine: Arabic — The day I have made falafel my husband recognised and liked, was a very happy in our family! There are as many falafel recipes as families and this is our favourite, secret flavour. — Approximately 40 falafels • Soaking chickpeas overnight • Preparation time: 30 minutes • Frying time: 20 minutes — Tips: 01Do not use tinned chickpeas for falafel, it is much too soft. You need to use dry variety instead. 02Fry your falafels until they are golden brown, but make sure you do not overdo it. They should be delicately crispy on the outside and soft inside. 03They will be just as good defrosted, so try to make more and freeze a batch or two. They defrost in a matter of minutes! 04You can serve them on a plate, or wrapped in any kind of flat bread or a tortilla. My absolute favourite is Turkish Yufka bread (dürüm). 05Use any sauce you like on your falafels. I like it most with a mixture of mayonnaise and …