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Our Eastern Kitchen - Delicate Crispy Breakfast Rolls - Recipe - Food Photography

Delicate Crispy Breakfast Rolls

Name and pronunciation: kopertówki [koh-per-toof-key] Description: “envelope” breakfast rolls Type of cuisine: Eastern European —  These would probably be my top 3 bread types in my childhood. Our local bakery baked them daily and I just loved them. Quite large, with delicate crispy crust and very soft inside, they resemble lighter version of ciabatta rolls. — Approximately 8 large or 16 small rolls • Preparation time: about 45 minutes • Resting time: 2 hours plus 30 minutes • Baking time: 1-2 minutes — Tips: 01The dough for these rolls is quite delicate and slightly sticky, so before rolling it, make sure to generously dust the work surface, the dough itself and the rolling pin with flour. You do not want to work the flour into the dough, just coat it with flour all around, so you capture the moisture inside and prevent the dough from sticking  02If you want to preserve freshness of your rolls, freeze them after they have cooled down. Cut them in half to speed up defrosting later. Now you can enjoy perfectly fresh rolls without a constant effort. …

Our Eastern Kitchen - Easy Sourdough Bread - Recipe - Food Photography

Easy Sourdough Bread

Name and pronunciation: chleb na zakwasie [h-leh-p • nah • zack-fah-sheh] Description: sourdough bread Type of cuisine: Eastern European — There are many different recipes for a sourdough, some more difficult than others. This is a perfect one to start your wild yeast adventure. Sourdough bread always takes a while, but this method does not take a lot of effort, just time, which is a great advantage. — Approximately 1.5 kg loaf (or two smalls ones) • Preparation time: about 30 minutes • Resting time: 3 x 12 hours • Baking time: 45 minutes — Tips: 01I find it easier to bake two smaller loaves than one large one. 02To bake, use any cake form, but bread crust needs moisture and high temperature, so I get best results using cast iron pots. 03Always line your forms with parchment paper. 04If your oven does not have a steam function, place a bowl of hot water next to the forms. 05Use bread flour of any kind you like. I usually mix white and whole-wheat flours 50/50, but you can also add …

Our Eastern Kitchen - Khubz - Iraqi Flat Bread - Recipe - Food Photography

Iraqi Flat Bread

Name and pronunciation: khubz [kh-oo-bz]Description: flat breadCountry of origin: Iraq — This Iraqi version of flat bread resembles Indian naan a little. It is soft and a little chewy, and not dry and flaky like, for example, pita bread. It is absolutely delicious and surprisingly easy to make. Traditionally, it is baked on the walls of a cylinder-shaped, clay oven called “tanoor”, but this recipe is adjusted to make it effortlessly on a flat, non-stick pan you normally use to make pancakes. — 8 large or 16 small servings • Preparation time: about 30 minutes • Rising time: 2 x 30 minutes — Tips: 01You can try different flour combinations. It will work each time with different types of flours, but taste and consistency will differ, so test and choose your favourite. 02Use this tip for rising your dough quickly and efficiently. 03Feel free to make more bread and freeze it. They defrost very quickly and stay as fresh as on the first day. Perfect! 04Serve your khubz with zaatar, home-made hummus, or any other spread or paste. …