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Our Eastern Kitchen - Simple Chocolate Crackle Cookies - Recipe - Food Photography

Simple Chocolate Crackle Cookies

My family loves these simple cookies. They are chocolatey, but not too sweet. You need to plan them a little in advance, since the dough has to harden in a fridge for at least few hours. — Approximately 30 cookies • Preparation time: about 30 minutes • Cooling time: at least 2 hours, could be overnight • Baking time: 12 minutes — Tips: 01If you can prepare the dough the day before, do. It can be chilled in a fridge overnight, no problem. If the dough is not cold enough, icing sugar will melt into the cookie and you will lose the nice crackle effect. 02If cannot chill them for more than 2 hours, do not worry. It should be enough, just split the dough in few pieces, this way it will chill more quickly. — Ingredients: ✽ 225 g baking chocolate✽ 110 g butter✽ 1⅔ cups flour✽ ⅔ cup sugar✽ 3 eggs✽ 2 teaspoons vanilla✽ ½ teaspoon baking powder✽ pinch of salt✽ powdered sugar for rolling — Method: 01Melt the butter and chocolate in a small pot. Use my tip to …