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Our Eastern Kitchen - Delicious Apple Pie with Banana and Cardamom - Recipe - Food Photography

Welcome to Our Kitchen

Magic of Food House is just a house until you can smell freshly baked bread, spiced rice and delicious pie in the air. It becomes a home in a blink of an eye thanks to love, time and patience you put into the food you make for your loved ones. Food has an incredible power to bring back memories from the deepest corners of your childhood, make you appreciate the moment and at the same time look at your family and think of their future. It brings different people and cultures together. For generations, people laughed, cried, fought and made up over a table full of amazing flavours and colours. Even with the busiest of schedules, families still try to make time to eat together and mark every major holiday with special dishes, ingredients and aromas. Food is life and, in time, it became my true passion. I am fascinated by the power of food that speaks louder than words and breaks many a barrier between people. It can be so simple and quick to make, yet …