Month: March 2018

Our Eastern Kitchen - Zakwas - Sourdough Starter - Recipe - Food Photography

Sourdough Starter

Tips: 01Sourdough is nothing more than wild yeast that is all around us. You need to give it time and nutrients to start, and then feed it regularly by adding the same amount of flour and water every week or two. Opt for 50 g of flour on 50 ml of water, or 100 g of flour on 50 ml of water, depends on how much starter you use and need to replenish. 02Storing your starter is easy. Just keep it in a fridge, take a portion you need for your bread and leave the rest chilled. Every 7-10 days add another equal amount of flour and water (50 g + 50 ml or 100 g + 100 ml), mix thoroughly and put back to the fridge. It will be happy for another week or so. 03I keep my starter in a bail jar. I cover the lid, but without closing the clasp. This way it receives enough air to live, but at the same time it is protected from drying out. 04Healthy starter should …