(…) cuisine is a journey, an eternal migration, with the bundles of wanderers carrying culinary secrets, seeds and the memory of ancestors.

Monika Kucia

Tradition Invented–The Migration of Food, Przekrój Magazine

The Best Doughnuts with Lemon Glaze with Strawberry and Rose Filling

Name and pronunciation: pączki z różą [punch-key z roo-Jean; “Jean” prononuced in a French way] Description: doughnuts with rose filling —  I love Polish doughnuts! They are absolutely delicious, not too sweet and much less dense than many other types of doughnuts. Also, they are always in a shape of balls and most often with lovely…

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Delicate Crispy Breakfast Rolls

Name and pronunciation: kopertówki [koh-per-toof-key] Description: “envelope” breakfast rolls Type of cuisine: Eastern European —  These would probably be my top 3 bread types in my childhood. Our local bakery baked them daily and I just loved them. Quite large, with delicate crispy crust and very soft inside, they resemble lighter version of ciabatta rolls. — Approximately 8 large or 16…

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